Rangers Centre:  Promised Landscaping Vetoed?
Yeovil Country Park - Watchdog
Website  established 2010
Venue of Her Majesty The Queen’s Jubilee Visit in 2012

Can South Somerset District Council be trusted with local planning when they build upon a Royal beauty spot destroying this landscape?  Recent ground works have ruined the field’s natural drainage. With 127 acres to choose from why did they build on this meadow? The Council were determined to build here despite several viable alternative sites being available. They failed to research the Rangers' own preferred site arguing this location was not feasible due to underground electricity cables but these power lines had been switched off well before the Rangers’ application was made! When Watchdog presented this information, the Council ‘conveniently’ chose to dispute it - until the plans were passed! This website charts Watchdog’s fruitless 3-year battle (with a council that promised in 1988 not to build here) to save ‘Queen’s Meadow’ for public use and our posterity.

LOST: The way it was

See:  CONSTRUCTION PICTURES and original plans comparison

Council flout public opinion to build Rangers’ Centre on this meadow and remove six trees featured in winning GB and Ireland photo of 2013


Queen’s historic Jubilee venue marred by Council’s cynical Planning changes and broken promises  


HM The Queen

And now….