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Doggie Problems in Ninesprings

2016 saw a rising number of problems with aggressive dogs in South Somerset including Yeovil Country Park. The problem, of course, lies with owners not their dogs. The Park has hosted events like the Dog Show which have proved enjoyable for dog owners and those who just want to watch. Watchdog has always supported our four-legged friends using Ninesprings and proud of the fact the "Walkiees website" has used our pictures. But there is an undesirable element creeping into dog-use of Ninesprings.  

The Ninesprings Café Facebook website contains antisocial comments such as: " If you don't like dogs, there are plenty of others (cafes) to choose from" and "Won't go back. Smelt of wet dogs and god knows what else."  Obviously these are the two extremes of the doggie debate that South Somerset District Council has failed to tackle.

The fact is that Ninesprings is a resource for all. Dog owners cannot "warn-off" the public and suggest they go elsewhere.  Equally Cynophobics cannot expect the park to be dog-free.

Watchdog believes that SSDC should clamp down on owners whose dogs are out of control; it should discourage the practice of large numbers of dogs around the Café area where owners allow their dogs to bark continuously; up to 12 dogs have been seen around (some on) the tables outside the Café, not all on leads.  It is not surprising that people will avoid the Café under these circumstances where dogs are in an unruly pack.

Hygiene, at the Café,  and dog control generally are obvious concerns.  Commonsense must prevail;  SSDC has a duty to see that the Park remains a resource for all and that non-dog users feel safe to wander the Park and visit the Café without the threat from a minority of Dog Owners who fail to control their dogs.

LOST: The way it was

And now….

Council flout public opinion to build Rangers’ Centre on this meadow and remove six trees featured in winning GB and Ireland photo of 2013


Queen’s historic Jubilee venue marred by Council’s cynical Planning changes and broken promises


HM The Queen

Development of this massive CONCRETE structure broke promises made by councillors of South Somerset County Council during the planning process in 2010.  They assured the public during public meetings that this building would be eco-friendly.  Today we see the measure of their integrity when re-visiting the original plans passed then.  They lied! Take a  look  -  judge for yourself!

  See the original plan details

So where are the landscaped features promised? The eco-friendly construction? The leafy surroundings featured in the glossy plans?                                                                   

So-called ‘Green Hub’ a CONCRETE sham!